Each of our containers is characterised by this type of stratification:

INTERNAL LAYER: Internal chemical-resistant with layer of type C glass and double layer of glass fibre, all with bisphenolic resin suitable to withstand chemical aggressions and high operating temperatures.

INTERMEDIATE LAYER: Created using the "Filament-Winding" system thereby obtaining a superior percentage of glass fibre that ensures high mechanical and structural strength;

SURFACE LAYER: An area with a high level of mixed paraffin resin to withstand weathering and any overflows of the tank in addition to ensuring a cleaner surface that is easy to wash. Upon request this layer can be coloured.

In addition, each container, in order to increase the mechanical characteristics and duration over time, is treated in the drying oven at 100°c for 4 hours.

The equipment, in addition to proven logistics, allows our company to respond comprehensively to the expectations of our customers and to adapt to urgent and diversified requests.

Warranties: Our tanks are covered by insurance for liability toward third parties.