Water purification


NALDI designs solutions for the specific needs of companies, organisations and individuals in addition to providing standard production testing.

Naldi Ecologia provides precise design services:

  • analysing customer needs
  • researching the new technologies available
  • considering the current legislation

To provide the perfect solution for every situation.

Adapting and planning the best treatment

Based on the results achieved and the experience gained over the years, the technical department develops and
defines the productive cycle, translating it with the use of modern I.T. tools, which will become the definitive supports for the realisation of each project.


The NALDI production department is well organised in the form of a contemporary yet traditional workshop.

Here in fact the design takes shape and the components, pumps, pipes and electrical panels are assembled.

Here the continuous testing takes place, evaluating the pressures and functions, utilising cutting-edge technologies.

Thus was conceived the NALDI system, always customised, for the treatment or purification water.


NALDI is always available to work alongside the customer to provide advice, guidance and recommendations on the most appropriate methods to achieve the best results at the lowest operating costs.

Naldi Ecologia also ensures careful supervision of the installation of the system, a vital phase of its valuable turnkey service and, if necessary, proposes trusted installation companies to complete the process.

In addition to the actual installation of the system, it offers commissioning with verification testing coupled with staff training sessions.

All the systems are equipped with user and maintenance manual in accordance with EC standards.

This manual, useful for the optimised management of the systems, is additionally accompanied by the full availability of the company to provide, where necessary, a prompt and dedicated service to resolve any problems as quickly as possible.

A collaborative attitude that continues over time and that has resulted in NALDI obtaining increasing approval from among its customers.


Naldi Ecologia continues the experience matured since the 1960s by NALDI VETRORESINA to produce tanks for oenological and industrial applications.

In the industrial sector, it produces tanks suitable for the containment of various types of chemicals and corrosive liquids.

Naldi Ecologia offers a wide range of products including the afore-mentioned tanks of various forms, double-walled tanks with monitored cavity and normal and lamellar settling plants in addition to the creation of models and moulds for designed-based elements.

For further information on the tank dimensions and volumes, enter the reserved area.


Naldi Ecologia proposes various services in support of its products:

Tests at the factory for mechanical verification including hydraulic or double-wall efficiency.
Mechanical or chemical tests at accredited laboratories, technical and dimensional ratios according to current regulations and seismic reports.

We are able to provide you with CAD drawings of our tanks and dimensional and technical reports. Seismic reports are also available if required upon request. Further services include documenting the mechanical tests on our hydraulic tanks according to the regulations in force.

Where necessary, assistance is offered for any tank at the customer's premises providing the support required for every need.