Naldi Ecologia continues the experience matured since the 1960s by NALDI VETRORESINA to produce tanks for oenological and industrial applications.

In the industrial sector, it produces tanks suitable for the containment of various types of chemicals and corrosive liquids.

Naldi Ecologia offers a wide range of products, including the afore-mentioned tanks of various forms, double-walled tanks with monitored cavity and normal and lamellar settling plants in addition to the creation of models and moulds for design-based elements.

We are able to provide you with CAD drawings of our tanks and dimensional and technical reports. Seismic reports are also available if required upon request. Further services include documenting the mechanical tests on our hydraulic tanks according to the regulations in force.

For further information on the tank dimensions and volumes, enter the reserved area.

Manual relating to the unloading, handling and burial of GRP tanks
Handling, transportation and installation of GRP tanks